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2015 Top Carb and Fat Blocker Supplement

review of xenitol Xenitol from Nexgen Biolabs is a dietary supplement designed and marketed to be a legal over the counter alternative to Xenical and Orlistat, a medication that is available only through prescription in most parts of the world. Many people previously had success with this medication and its effectiveness were widely published although its horrible side effects and illegal without prescription nature has had many people taking to the internet and search engines looking for a legal over the counter Xenical alternative that can produce similar results.

While this product is quite differently chemically and potency wise from its prescription brethren, the ingredients and proprietary blend consists of various aspects that make it effective as a carbohydrate and fat absorption blocker, which is scientifically how the prescription medication works anyway.

Xenitol Ingredients: A look at the ingredient profile: Phaseo Vulgaris, Garcinia Cambogia, Gymenma Sylvestre, Cascara Sagrada, Cider Vinegar and a few others, uncovers some popular and studied active ingredients, herbs and compounds that produce weight management effects. A quick google or lookup on wikipedia will turn up studied, reviews and evidence that each of these ingredients in some way acts as according to NexgenBiolabs promise of a weight loss, carb blocking and fat absorption inhibitor. I will try and come back and profile each ingredient from a scientific standpoint when I have more time, for now it’s as simple as looking it up for yourself to see how they work and how effectively they can work.

Does Xenitol Work The short although not complete answer is yes it does work although depending on how high you set your expectations and hopes will determine if you are overall satisfied with the product. There is definite evidence of its efficacy and a quick look at the dozens of happy customer reviews on Xenitol online should be enough to convince most anyone to give it a shot. Some people are just plain ignorant however, you can’t just eat like crap and hope this pill will shed dozens of pounds over the months. It is a SUPPLEMENT and that means you must be taking steps to reduce or at least maintain your current weight through diet and exercise to see the benefits of this diet pill. If you think this is going to be a bandaid fix for a lifelong habit of poor eating and laziness, don’t waste your money, this product will just simply accelerate weight loss, not be a magic bullet for a lazy glutton.

Xenitol vs Xentrafen vs Phenrx I saw this question pop up in a couple of other testimonials and pages on this product and I understand the confusion with the companies generic looking bottles and labeling. All 3 products are weight loss supplements that came out from the same company at the same time. Comparing Xenitol vs Xentrafen you have two very different beasts. Xentrafen acts as a metabolism booster, stimulating the central nervous system for increased calorie burn and energy for increased expenditure. Xenitol is a fat and carb digestive blocker leading to reduced calorie uptake and held onto the body. Comparing Xentrafen to Phenrx you notice the products are nearly identical and probably just a rebrand of the original formula for some weird naming / marketing reason, the price is the same so choose either one of those as they are pretty much the same it seems.

Customer Xenitol Reviews While this product has only been out for a short amount of time, there are still some great reviews. There is very few negative comments and feedback which is rare in the dietary supplement market and most of them seem to do with people wishing it were cheaper or complaining about common side effects of headaches or digestive disturbance (farts happen people) in the first little bit while the body learns to tolerate the stronger ingredient dosages. It is receiving an average of about 8.5 out of 10 in customer reviews that I have seen with a rating, extremely high for this type of product indeed and at the price makes it a definite must try before moving onto a different route like a thermogenic based diet pill.

Where to Buy Xenitol in Stores like CVS, Walmart & GNC?

Some people just aren’t online shoppers and some people just simply do not want to wait for shipping (although I read its rather quick if you live in Canada, the UK or the US) unfortunately from what I’ve read and a quick phone call for you lazy folks on my end, there aren’t any local stores selling Xenitol in store that I am aware of. I’m sure this will change as the company continues to grow and we will see this product pop up in larger drug and supplement chains like GNC, CVS, RIte-Aid, Walgreens and Walmart in the near future though.

Where To Purchase Xenitol Online

Looking online and for the best prices for what seemed like forever, the companies official website seems to be the sure fire bet to getting the best customer satisfaction, lowest price, latest deals and sales and even a coupon here and there (see below for coupon and discount codes currently active) I was able to find this for sale on Amazon.com although it was from a 3rd party reseller and they seem to have jacked up the price to make a profit on a wholesale price they probably got from buying bulk and direct from the company. I will monitor this product with a web robot and update the page occasionally to represent the best overall deal and offers available to buy xenitol online using the link below:

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