Addtabz versus Profiderall vs Addieup

Comparing differences versus Profiderall & Addieup

addtabz vs addieup and profiderall I have been striving towards my specific academic and financial goals for some years. It is 4 years since I started taking different types of herbs, supplements, nootropics and prescription drugs to help me focus, concentrate and control my body mind state. I can compare addtabz, addieup, adderall and profiderall. Along with these supplements I also tried some more to get help in strengthening my memory. These were Concerta, Daytrana, Desoxyn, Dexedrine, Dextrostat, Focalin, Metadate, Methylin, Ritalin, Methylphenidate, Vyvanse and a few others I cannot remember now. There were several herbs and concoctions of supplements I used and I do not need to mention their names here.

Addtabz is like many other over the counter nootropics found in the market. It is quite natural that this supplement cannot be as strong as its prescription counterparts. Expecting the opposite to happen is a naïve idea. This supplement is like many of herbal or natural over the counter solutions that claim to increase energy, focus, attention span and concentration. Profiderall and Addieup are also marketed in a similar fashion promising that they can help you with your attention span, focus, concentration and energy level. These are taken to the alternatives for Adderall XR but their effects cannot be equally same. Adderall is a hardcore prescription drug that may be compared with Meth. We know that Adderall’s manufacturer Teva is now struggling to keep up with the customer demands. In this scenario addtabz, addieup, and profiderall are trying to gain ground in the market.

Adderall vs. Addtabz: A comparison

As I have had experience with both Adderall and Addtabz I can declare that Addtabz is no match for Adderall with regard to potency. Only a naïve person would expect an over the counter drug to fully mimic the effects of prescription drugs. Addtabz can help you focus and concentrate; this is true. It also brings in fewer side effects like weight loss and these are also mild. It is easy to get as you can get it without a doctor’s prescription. Addtabz uses the key ingredient of Adderall and some other common ingredients. Addtabz provides advantages to students as they can self treat themselves during their hectic academic life.

Addieup and Addtabz: A comparison

Addieup is also enjoying popularity among those who need to focus and concentrate as this ADHD drug substitute acts as a mild stimulant. It provides some energy as well as concentration benefits to the consumer. It contains more natural ingredients and these are less potent than even those of Addtabz. The Ampheta CDP ingredient in Addtabz is more potent and effective. So Addtabz can be your choice if you need more focus and attention. However, Addieup too can help you build up attention and productivity.

Addtabz and Profiderall: A comparison

Profiderall is known to many people as a product similar to Addtabz vs Addieup. When we think of these three supplements, and it does seem to have cheaper prices at first (you need more), we would find Profiderall to be least effective. It has more natural ingredient as Addieup has. Caffeine and some B vitamins are two most important ingredients. There are other natural ingredients in it. This supplement can help you achieve focus, concentration, attention, and optimal physical control to some extent.

The final comparison

My view of doctor prescribed drugs is that these are more potent, stimulating and successful than herbs or supplements. Among the three OTC prescription replacements found in the market the order of effectiveness can be mentioned as Addtabs > Addieup > Profiderall. The best thing to do is not to fall for all the hype but conduct a small research before you go ahead and find a store to order from, to find out the most suitable product for you. Then your choice over the counter product can help you achieve your goal.

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