I have a couple of friends that were taking addieup and turned me onto it, after the school seemed to run out of Adderall (there is a huge black market here for Adderall and its prescription strength ability to help you study, stay up all night and keep focused alongside other recreational values)

It was a cheap and over the counter available focus drug, well online at least as we couldn’t find anywhere to purchase addieup in stores locally around here, it wasn’t as strong as Adderall or the prescription meds lots of students and dealers used to taking, but it did provide enough of an edge and benefit to make it useful.

I am actually quite glad I found it, it isn’t as strong as the meds, but I know its much safer and comes with fewer negative side effects. I felt myself getting addicted and dependant on the stronger stuff, and I was really reliant on it to get lots done lately. Im not quite as productive and zoned completely in with the milder addie up pills, but it does help that extra little bit to prevent me from being a zombie and a complete loser after having abused the strong drugs for so long.

My advice if you are currently taking Adderall (prescription narcotic Speed) or are thinking of starting it like so many other college and university students, stop. Take the milder and safer addieup and don’t play with your health. You will have a super hard time coming off of it and you will never feel your best ever again.

Would highly recommend buying this cheap yet still veryeffective Adderall replacement for concentration, energy, focus and mood anytime anyplace, it can help wonders for certain types of students and individuals like me that were struggling and falling behind.

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Reviewed by Jason Rook on
On Jan 6 2013
Summary: An awesome energy and concentration boost for me
Rating: 4.5 / 5.0

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