is addtabz safe and effective? Thousands of people have been using Add Tabz for quite some time now since it has first hit the market, and hundreds of reports, testimonials and reviews from around the internet would suggest that yes, this is a safe and effective medication.

Safety in mind during development

When Gentech Pharmaceutical set out to design and formulate this OTC focus pill, they did so with safety and side effects particularly in mind. They wanted to create a product that was a safer, less addictive and habit forming, and milder form of the potent and side-effect causing prescription Adderall and similar attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder drugs. I have not come across a single consumer report stating any serious or unexpected effects or safety issues after reading most of the webs information and reviews of the product, for the most part the consumer base sharing their experiences are saying that addtabz is safe, that it does really work and is quite mild in noticeable bodily, physical and emotional effects.

So does it really work effectively

This is not really the easiest question to answer, as it will be determined on an individual basis with no two bodies reacting in the same way to any ingredient, supplement, medication, drug, etc… On a wide scale and large sample population though, it would suggest that for the normal person that it will be effective, with again a wider variance of just how effective it will be determined upon the actual individual taking it, how they are taking it, and many other factors.

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