I purchased Addtabz pills off my friend with realistic expectations and was pretty pleased. I think a ton of people expect way too much from these herbs and products and really set themselves up to be disappointed. The companies seem to write copy for mindless consumers, that it will change their lives overnight and they would be a fool not to try it because it could change their lives… Wake up people no pill, supplement, herb or even medication is going to do that! What they can do is give a slight boost to something that might be lacking, read scientific journals and reports not hyped up marketing to get an idea of what it can do for you, also before you go and write some negative review make sure you are approaching supplementation from a realistic perspective. I have read some thoughts, critique and evaluations of herbs where people were straight up peeved that the product didn’t change their life in one bottle, this makes me furious.

Now on to this product. Its claims are to improve memory, concentration, attention, focus, energy and alertness. The active Addtabz ingredients profile shows some sort of scientific evidence that it could do this. There are stimulants and nootropic ingredients that have been shown to aid and support normal mental functioning, so if you have been lacking in one of these areas it may help. For me personally I noticed mostly a stimulant effect, which in its own lends support to the various qualities mentioned above with perhaps memory being the exception, I don’t know how they justify saying this improves memory, perhaps in an indirect way that you are more absorbed in your material and therefore taking in the information with less mental resistance or secondary thoughts clouding your brain.

I have just purchased a couple more bottles online from Gentech Pharmaceutical, as I only had a limited supply to go on from my friend, and will post up some more thought provoking analysis and a critique after that supply is exhausted

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