I tried to do some due diligence on this product before I rushed into purchasing it on hype. I first heard about Addtabz from TheDirty.com, a website where our college has some funny gossip posted on regularly. I was kind of surprised to find that there was not a whole lot of information out there, but I guess I justified it as a really new product. I was able to find a few recommendations and some testimonials on this site along with TheDirty, and decided it was worth a shot as I was already paying the price with a loss of focus and other drugs.

I’m from the UK Where Do I buy Addtabz?

My first question was where do I order these things? Can you buy them in UK? The official website where you can buy it was a little bit unprofessional compared to other stores was one of my first thoughts, but with endorsements by a few people with large followings, I figured the site wasn’t just a scam. The process to order addtabz was similar to any other online purchase I had made, and I received my shipment in Arizona without any hang-ups or delays.

First Dose – It’s not a scam:

I am on day 4 now, but the first day I wasn’t quite sure what to expect and was worried that it was just a scam product despite the user opinions and customer experiences I had read. I guess I was expecting something that either was going to be quite strong or do nothing at all. While it was not even close to strength as the first time I had tried other ADHD medications, there was a noticeable effect at least. I didn’t really have much work to do that day oddly enough, but regardless I wanted to do some research and typing (a major plus considering my usual massive procrastination) I did seem to get ‘in the zone’ and pump out some typing that wasn’t super important and that I would have usually kept procrastinating on. So in that sense the first day was a success and I could sleep happier knowing they really do work.

The next two days – no side effects

I went to class the second day and had a decent workload for the evening and the following days. I took the regular dose of add tabz the second day and added an extra pill the day after (day 3) I definitely seemed to have more drive to complete my work, and seemed to have my old ‘perfectionist’ attitude that I seemed to have lost after the first year of school. I would call these two days a good success, nothing extraordinary, but for a couple bucks a day I can definitely see the appeal.

Not a ‘breakthrough’ but not a scam

By no means is this over the counter designer drug some kind of miracle for students, but I definitely would say that it helps a bit. People that are looking for something amazing will probably be amazing, but for those of us with realistic hype levels will probably remain satisfied. I am quite interested to see if I build a tolerance or a dependence on it for studying, and will try and leave a follow up review in about a week or so.


All in all I am not overly impressed by it, but not disappointed either. It seems to deliver that extra little motivation but maybe not what you might get from a stronger RX prescription amphetamine or ADHD drug. If you are in a tight crunch for work and have the extra $2-3 dollars a day I would say go for it, but make sure you are not buying addtabz expecting a miracle… Like a movie in the theaters, if you are super hyped with huge expectations, it probably won’t quite live up to it.

Not an Amazing wonder drug, but seems to help
Rating: 4.3 out of 5 by Unknown Visitor on March 29 2012
Addtabz OTC

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