Rating: 5 of 5 for Addtabz 120 Pills. Reviewed by Carmen W. on March 14 2012

I bought a couple of bottles of this stuff after it started showing up at my school. Someone was selling them out at $5 a pop and it made me really interested to learn more because the person selling them was really hyping them up and quite a few people were buying it. I figured it was worth to order Addtabz because even if it wasn’t right for me or the effects weren’t strong, I could just toss the bottles back to some of these people for at least what I paid for them asap.

OTC Substitute or Alternative to Adderall / Ritalin?

One of the things that made me take a step back and think that addtabz was a scam product before I had dug much into it, was its claims that it was a Adderall substitute. Even the thought of it being an a substitute or Ritalin alternative was mind blowing to me, over the counter drugs just could never be as strong as the amphetamines found in some ADD medications. I guess it is just over aggressive marketing and I can see why they would do so with Teva not being able to buy enough of the ingredients to make as much of the drug causing a shortage right now.

“Addtabz A weak but effective replacement, alternative, substitute”

I have taken Adderall with bad side effects and similar things in the past to help me stay on top of my studies and work, and while this by no means is as strong in my opinion, there is enough of a noticeable effect to make a difference and consider it a very weak substitute or alternative to the stronger ADHD medications. I was able to stay focused on the dull stuff a lot easier, and I seemed to have retained more knowledge and not go so easily into my zombie reading like state where I read several pages and have to restart because I realized that I didn’t actively comprehend the writing lol.

I have been taking it for about 3 weeks now and am actually quite happy with it. I think once these next couple stressful weeks are up for me I will take at least as long a break from taking the addtabz, as I have read in another addtabz review that you can build a tolerance and I know I tend to get dependent on things that help me be more effective. Oh, and be careful about upping the dose. I doubled it after the first week and it definitely was too much for me, maybe because of an empty stomach or maybe it actually is just very strong, be careful regardless about taking lots at once.

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