Customer Feedback: “Increased Sports Focus & Energy”

I have a couple friends that were back home from college and were talking about these things like they were some kind of miracle drug. They were going off and it seemed like they were trying to sell it to the world, I guess they were just both surprised that they had found out about addtabz separately and both really liked it. I was intrigued by this kind of unbiased yet glowing real addtabz review coming from some people I trusted, when usually I have a hard time buying into the online reviews and hype of supplements online.

I decided I’d give it a shot and order some online when they told me it was a strong pick me up and one of my two friends said that one of the reasons he loved it so much was because when he took two in the morning and hit the gym he felt like he was that much more focused and able to complete his workout with intense focus and concentration without even eating (best way to lose fat is on an empty stomach in the am.)

I really liked it too. I’m not about to go crazy hyping it up like they did to me, for the sake of making an honest and real addtabz review here, but it does really work. I found the strongest benefit to be its ability to keep me concentrated and angry while playing football. I had that extra little edge and grind in practice and in games I found it got me extremely pumped and I played with a certain conviction and pissed off fury that I lacked when not taking it.

If you are a competitive football or sports athlete, this may work great for you too. As well as the gym fiends out there, the fact my friend said he got his best workouts on an empty stomach while taking these shortly after waking up says a lot about its ability, anyone knows what it feels like to pump iron first thing in the morning without digestion will know what I mean. Addtabz does work, its not a magic pill like some other reviewers may make it out to be, but I would recommend it to close friends and relatives, something I don’t do easily.

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Reviewed by J. Figadero on
On Feb 2 2013.
Summary: Great for working out and football alertness
Rating: 4.75 / 5.0

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