Customers Thoughts on Addtabz Side Effects, Pros and Cons

side effects addtabz I posted a review after I had finished using the first bottle of Addtabz bought online. Now I just finished the second bottle. It’s time I should leave another review as I experienced some differences this time. Of course, it worked like the first time but I noticed some differences also.

How the 1st and 2nd bottle seem to be different (with a gap of 2 months)

After using 2 bottles of Addtabz I’m not sure if my second bottle contained slightly different formulation of the Ampheta CDP ingredients. It may even happen that my body and mind got attuned to the ingredients. In the first few weeks when I was using the first bottle, I was almost euphoric. I experienced a much better feeling of overall wellbeing along with increased energy level. However, I had problem falling asleep, which seemed to be a naughty side effect. The stimulation was in a sense double edged. I could continue crushing my work during my waking hours at night. However, before I took an Addtabz dose in the morning, I felt drained out and even thought of not going to school or doing anything serious. It is true that the over the counter ADHD product appreciably worked since my roommate was curious to find out if I was on something. While I was taking the second bottle, I experienced the effects as earlier. I came across increased work capacity with a wider attention span but I also felt my energy, appetite and sleep suppression growing fainter. Perhaps my body got used to the ingredients. The 2 month break may have affected the outcome. However, either my tolerance or the less potent ingredient was at its back.

Advantages and Disadvantages

I experienced both benefits and inconveniences. The sleepless nights were not much praiseworthy. Also, the squeezed out feeling was quite irksome. However, I must mention the apparent strength Addtabz provided me. It was really valuable to me. My presumption is that I could maintain this happy state by upgrading the dosage a bit. I should also mention two bad headaches I experienced while I was using the second bottle. The headaches may be associated to something else such as, sleep deprivation, stress or diet. A mixture of these and the stimulating product might be at the background. Now I find they have raised the prices of Addtabz a bit. I bought the bottles at a lower price and so this rise does not sound so good.

I have a plan to update my review of Addtabz when I finish using my supply. To be true, the coming weeks will be full of important works that may put heightened stress on me. I’m not sure how this product is going to help me manage the workload and perform better.

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