Phentabz Teen User Experience from Canadian

Alright so I finally have some spare time to sit down and write my phentabz teen review of this great little product. I bought this based on all sorts of stuff I had heard and phentabz reviews I had read but of course so it’s appropriate that I leave mine now. I came off a winter where I spent a lot of time trying to put on muscle and size, this of course meant the accumulation of a lot of fat and that means I had to lose that fat to show off that muscle. I finished off my bottle about 2 weeks ago, taking one first thing in the morning and then again later on as the effects started to wear off. I realized early on that you don’t want to take these pills to close to bedtime or you will not be able to sleep.

I’m going to try and be super honest and say that this didn’t live up to what I thought it would. I figured with the hard work and hours I’d be putting into the gym and diet alongside taking Teen Phentabz, that I would have amazing results. I didn’t, just very good ones, but the reviews, hype and self-discipline had me hoping for a bit more. So just remember that there is no magical pill. I know this sound confusing, I’m not trying to knock nor promote the product there, it works really well, just maybe not as much as you would be led to believe reading these reviews and the marketing hype.

There were no negative side effects except the insomnia I mentioned. I made the mistake of wanting the energy and focus boost for some late night gym sessions early on and found myself awake for hours and hours just begging to be able to fall asleep. Do not take this late at night if you want to sleep!

I also took multi-vitamins, whey protein shakes and fish oil while taking this fat burning and phentermine replacement pill – to aid in the weight loss and muscle maintenance, highly recommend all 3 of those for anyone looking to trim and tone up as well!

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Phentabz Teen
Reviewed by Donna Davis on
On February 2 2013.
Summary: Perfect except for BAD insomnia at night and expensive
Rating: 4.5 / 5.0

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