I’ve always been a really active guy, playing lots of sports and being particularly devoted to football. Over the last winter after breaking a leg very seriously, I had become overweight and was packing on the pounds while sitting around playing video games all day every day and filling my boredom with food. This really sucked, I was quickly losing my confidence with women in school, my skin was getting pimply and ugly looking, and I generally just felt more tired and lethargic by the day. I wanted to burn the fat and lose weight in a very desperate way!

I started physiotherapy for my leg but knew I needed a little boost to help me start losing some of the extra weight and fat I had been packing on at a rapid level, I simply didn’t want to be feeling and living like that anymore. I got phentabz teen pills after reading quite a bit about the best newer supplements and weight loss products for teens in my kind of situation. There wasn’t a lot of information out there but a couple reviews and comparisons made me want to try it out and see what would happen.

I started taking it about 3 weeks ago after ordering it online (couldn’t find anywhere to buy phentabz in store here in Canada) and so far so good. Like I said I still am in physio so I can’t be as physically active as I’d like to really kick the fat burning mode into hyper drive, but at least the numbers on the scale are starting to go the opposite direction. I have been really trying to eat less junk food, but I think most of the credit and the only really significant change has been the otc Phentabz pills.

Will update this review when I have reached my goal weight! No particular pros or cons to note, this product is both great and subtle in my opinion. It appears to be very safe and effective without any nasty side effects (I do have some pimples on my back but I can’t pinpoint it to the phentabz to be honest)

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Reviewed by Phil Belmner on
On January 28 2013.
Summary: Great fat loss results in 3 weeks
Rating: 4.41 / 5.0

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