I actually started taking Phentabz Teen after having tried another product by Gentech Pharmaceutical for Adult ADHD (AddTabz) I really don’t believe in taking prescription medications and although my family doctor really wanted me to take Adderall for my ADHD and some other prescription med for my weight and thyroid problems, I found these two products to be enormously beneficial, over the counter available and much safer and more natural alternatives to the RX drugs.

Addtabz worked very great for me and I actually lost weight on that and had a suppressed appetite, which led me to believe that PhenTabz, which was similar in many ways yet formulated differently for fat loss could be a miracle product for me.

My before and after results with phentabz have been great, and I really wish I had taken a before picture to compare. I’m down from 197 pounds to 180lbs in little to no time at all. I have done lots of diets, exercise videos, personal trainer even and haven’t had this type of success… I think a huge part of it is the kind of energy and attention that you get from these products. Rather than be bored and reach for a distraction or comfort like food or drink, I want to do more productive things and rather than put much though into them to begin procrastinating, I just get started. My days are more active and productive, my appetite is gone, and I’m eating a lot less out of habit, boredom or simply for something to distract and procrastinate with.

If you are an emotional, bored, or habitual eater… or if you have attention deficit type of symptoms, this product might be something special for you too, I really feel that Teen Phentabz helped me to overcome a really negative part of my life, the confidence and discipline I gained from it will serve me in a plethora of other useful ways too!

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Reviewed by Lisa Tarnoski on
On January 27 2013.
Summary: Great for overeaters and losing weight
Rating: 4.7 / 5.0

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