does phentabz really work Developed as a phentermine substitute, Phentabz is aggressively marketed as a fat burner, appetite suppresant and an effective diet pill in North America and across the UK and Europe. While it’s still is relatively new and unknown to the weight loss pill market, and the research and development company that have formulated it is fairly new as well, there are some reports and customer Phentabz reviews that seem to be very impressed with the effectiveness of the product for stubborn fat loss.

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Gentech Pharmaceuticals developed their weight loss product Phentabz to be an effective, safe and over the counter replacement to Phentermine (available by prescription only) It has been uniquely researched and formulated to mimic some of the effects of the famous prescription weight loss supplement and has its own unique qualities that attempt to make it an effective stubborn fat burner in its own regard. Below is some more information on this new ‘phentermine replacement supplement’ to help you decide if it’s a good match for your appetite suppressant and losing weight goals:

Active PhenTabz Ingredients for Fat Burning

So what are the main Phentabz ingredients is the first question you should ask, and furthermore are these active ingredients actually proven to be safe and effective as appetite suppressants and fat burners as the product promises?

Octopamine: This ingredient is found in the product to help mobilize fat in your body. That is to make it more available to burn. It could be similar in effect to norepinephrine which is a catecholamine with stimulating properties.

Methylhexaneamine: This is the ingredient that is supposed to cause the appetite suppressant effects. It is similar to other known and powerful appetite curbing ingredients such as ephedrine and amphetamine, although its side effects on the body and cardiovascular system aren’t as drastic or negative as those.

Trimethylxanthine: Is similar to caffeine and is supposed to be in the proprietary blend to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of the other active ingredients.

Is PhenTabz Safe? Are There Side Effects?

Every person considering taking a new weight loss supplement should do their research and ask themselves these important questions. So is Phentabz safe and are there any negative side effects or dangerous implications of the drug?

The product has been designed to be a very mild and safe weight loss formula. While any of the above active ingredients can cause a variety of common side effects (nausea, headache, jitters, anxiety, etc.) if you take the normal PhenTabz dosage the chances of you experiencing even the mildest of side effects are slim.

But you should consult your doctor or physician before trying any weight loss product. Especially if you have existing medical condition like high blood pressure or tolerance problems to ingredients similar to those found in this product.

Does Phentabz Really work for Weight loss?

Obviously the first thing a shopper is going to want to know is: Does phentabz really work for losing weight and suppressing appetite? And to what degree does it do as it promises – There are a large and ever growing amount of customer testimonials and phentabz reviews from consumer and customers around the world. There are a plethora of very positive experiences and opinions from users and like any product some negative feedback as well. We recommend you read some personal reviews below yourself to get an idea if you are the type of person that would benefit and be happy with this product.

Customer & Consumer PhenTabz Reviews

There are quite a few testimonials and user critiques of this product now that it has grown in popularity and been on the market for a while as a safe and effective weight loss supplement. Below are a couple video reviews to help you get a better idea on if users are satisfied with their phentabz before and after results:

Where to buy @ cheapest Phentabz Price In stores?

If you are looking to purchase this product, one thing that may annoy you is that it is hard to find PhenTabz in stores and not online. The main outlet for this product is at its manufacturer’s store, although we do expect them to start working with retailers to bring Phentabz in stores soon due to its rise in demand and popularity. On the upside to this buying directly from the manufacturer ensures that you are getting the absolute lowest and cheap phentabz prices available. So below for a link to where to purchase Phentabz at the lowest cost currently available:

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2 Responses to Phentabz Weight Loss Pills – Where to buy PhenTabz

  1. Anne from Ontario says:

    To all the people out there,

    I just want to say that I strongly stand behind Phentabz, having to said that I am taking it right now for two months. I have tried many diets pills out there for the las eight years and I believe Phentabz is for me. I like the energy it gives me, no hunger pain, and I am not thinking about like I used to. People who are sceptical and have never tried please don’t be so negative about it. Those who really curious and wanting to try it , we’ll if you have tried many things in the past like I did, then you’ve got nothing else to lose but your weight. Best of luck and I know you won’t regret it!

    Anne from Ontario Canada


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