reviews of phen rx Helped with Cutting & Lean Muscle Gain

I am an amateur bodybuilder and first became familiar with Phenrx over a bodybuilding forum. As anyone that lifts will know its important for you to switch between periods of high calorie intake while ‘bulking’ and building maximum amounts of muscle and then switch to a lower calorie clean diet with the purpose of preserving muscle and losing just fat and make your muscles really pop.

The Fenphentamine ingredient blend of Phenrx offered several known and potent ingredients popular among the bodybuilding forum in a single capsule and a few other members talked about decent fat loss results in as little as 6 weeks of cutting.

I have tried various other thermogenics and fat burners while cycling and found Phenrx to be just as strong as some of the more popular ones. It didn’t really stick out as much better than them but I did enjoy the longer lasting effects without a crash that similar products seem to have.

I also am prone to the side effects of anxiety and headaches while taking pills like these on a super low calorie diet but I found if I stayed extremely hydrated i didn’t have any bad or negative side effects on this pill.

I will continue to take them throughout my cutting cycle as I have bought a 3 bottle and 3 month supply. I may switch up and start doubling my dose to 2 pills a serving as I am a rather large guy and seem to build up a tolerance fast and will try to leave a follow up phenrx review detailing those things like tolerance, side effects and differences when taking an extra dose and pill in the am and then both the am and pm.

Overall a decent although nothing special fat burner that is pretty competitively priced among its counterparts and alternatives. I would recommend it and a few others and will make a more detailed review here and on the forum for Phenrx once I have finished doing a more thorough journal and trial of this product.

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