natural ritalin replacement Methylphenidate the ingredient that makes up the brand name Ritalin product, is an extremely popular well known and highly prescribed medication used to treat conditions including attention and concentration problems. It is a go to choice of many doctors and pediatricians for people that present problems with mental productivity, and many adults and children around the world use it to counteract mental functioning problems.

It is a very strong psychostimulant that works on the brain and central nervous system to allow for greater improvements in mental functioning. It is a highly potent substance that is available by prescription only due to its high risk for abuse, dependency, various health problems and side effects, etc.

It is important to consult with your doctor prior to starting, stopping, changing or replacing an existing Ritalin usage as serious health issues can arise from this strong stimulant. An over the counter Ritalin substitute or alternative is in great demand, and many people are looking for a safer, legal and side-effect free natural Ritalin supplement to substitute for increases in mental processes like concentration, attention, energy, clarity and memory.

Does addtabz work as an effective alternative?

Addtabz offers consumers a much milder and otc legal product that promises several of the key benefits of Methylphenidate without the nasty side effects that can occur with the prescription medication. While it is not nearly as strong a CNS stimulant, testimonials of addtabz and users do report slight to large improvements in attention span, mental energy, overall well being and general productivity increases in work and study. It is available without a prescription online and does offer an affordable and plausible otc substitute for Ritalin pills. Remember again that this is very different product, and one shouldn’t expect it to be better nor the same as the medication and consult their doctor prior to any changes in your intake of either substance to check for any possible health concerns or issues that could arise that are specific to your own self.

Where to buy Addtabz online?

Many people have mailed asking where they can find or get addtabz in stores. Currently the product is available at very few physical or local locations and potential shoppers will want to check out the companies official website (link below) to find the cheapest prices, more information and todays deal:

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