OTC Natural Adderall / Vyvanse Alternative works

I took Adderall and other medications like Vyvanse (time released adderall pretty much) for years to help with my struggle to stay focused, especially when I needed to read lots of information that I wasn’t particularly passionate about, but I noticed the harder drugs were really starting to show some side effects on my small frame.

Withdrawal sucked and I really struggled after using it for so long to retrain my brain to concentrate on lots of things. I decided to buy addtabz after a classmate told me about them and offered me a couple sample pills to test the waters.They did kind of work and so I figured the boost would pay for itself.

I couldn’t find or purchase this product in stores which was kind of weird, and other reviewers mentioned they could only order online, but the website and shipping was fast and simple enough. I don’t know why I like buying stuff in-store more but oh well.

I have took for a couple weeks and have increased my dose because i feel like I was at least having some kind of mental tolerance and getting used to them.

They are by no means as strong as other illegal options, but I was trying to get away from those powerful and addictive chemicals anyways. Its over the counter, its safe and they are effective although the hype will make you expect too much perhaps. 8 to 8.5 out 10 and Ill keep buying them until a stronger over the counter alternative is made

Works – not as strong as older prescription
Rating: 4 out of 5
Visitor: Jenni Reilly on
November 1 2012

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