Ok so I read all the addtabz reviews and information I could find online before ordering this, and convinced that it was a great and effective supplement, I decided to buy 4 bottles at once to save some money assuming that I would use it off and on throughout the school year and it was a good long term investment.

One thing I wasn’t counting on after researching and reading all the customer reviews I could find from other users was negative side effects! No one mentioned anything related to that and as such I really thought it was a mild and safe product… now maybe I am just overly sensitive to one of the ingredients or something, but I think it’s important to share, as the bad headaches and completely restless feeling I would get outside of my work really b brought me down and made me wish I didn’t place such a big order.

The reality is that you will probably only need to be focused and attentive on things for short periods at a time, and to have headaches afterwards and be completely restless and not relaxed later on can really be a huge annoyance.

Good luck falling asleep on this stuff, make sure you don’t take it too close to bedtime (a massive downside considering you want to be concentrated at night time mostly as a student with your homework and studying before bed, and then rely on a good night’s sleep to get to class in the a.m.)

I feel stupid for not thinking about this before buying a huge add tabz order. The product does make you more productive and in the zone, but the after effects when you are done can outweigh that benefit quickly. Again I may be the exception, but figured it was worth pointing out for other people like me to help them perhaps save some money or annoyance

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One Response to Negative Feedback: Side Effects & Prices

  1. rebecca cha says:

    I just purchased one bottle and am having terrible side effects of headaches and major mood swings — only after three days! Can I return what is left (37 pills) for a full refund?

    Thank you, Rebecca


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