I had read quite a few positive reviews on profiderall “cognitive energy complex” and decided to try it out for myself as the appeal of tunnel vision focus and lasting alertness was extremely appealing. I am a stressed out worker with a rather large quota that requires extreme amounts of patience, concentration and focus for long periods of time and its enough to pull my hair out some days. Im surprised more people with this kind of job don’t commit suicide out of boredom and struggle within their own mind to stay alert and focused. So profiderall’s promise to make this type of work much much easier, for longer periods of time and make me happier to do it was like a god send!

I quickly researched the product and tried to find where you buy profiderall in store around New York, but couldn’t come up with anything so ordered online. The delivery was quick and I popped my first pill as soon as I opened the box with eager anticipation.

I wasn’t expecting miracles, if anything I didn’t believe all the hypey positive profiderall reviews but was just looking for and desperate for any kind of performance increase, and was willing to pay the considerably affordable price compared to the stress for any boost.

I guess I will never know what the product offers, as for some reason my body just seems to reject this product. I get headaches everytime I try to take it? This is completely the opposite of increased mental clarity, as anyone with a headache and a rather trivial but stressful job to do will tell you, increased performance and function with a headache is impossible. I also seemed to have indigestion on this product several times, although it isn’t as constant as the headache so Im not really sure if I can attribute that negative side effect to the pills or if its just my diet and life habits currently.

Anyways, if you are considering buying profiderall my advice would be to order small the first time while you check out how your body responds, I made the mistake of ordering 3 bottles and I don’t really care for the product, fortunately I have some friends I was able to sell the remaining product too


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