Austalian’s Opinion of over the counter ‘addtabz’

I haven’t bought a bottle of my own yet, and I have been looking to buy Addtabz in Australia stores (that’s actually what landed me on this website) but I do have a friend at work that has been talking about them like they are the best thing ever. I wanted to do a little research and read some other people’s reviews and longer term experiences before I buy my own bottles. I have tried addtabs twice from my friend at work and I definitely noticed a kind of concentrated energy boost. More so than a regular supplement that says it boosts focus, but not as strong as Adderall, Concerta, Ritalin or the other prescription pills I have tried while working crazy hours and in school. It seems to be really effective for an OTC replacement and I hope you don’t build a tolerance too quickly once you start taking them regularly. My work buddy told me I should cycle addtabz like off and on (stop taking them for a while) if I’m worried about tolerance but that he hadn’t experienced any about two weeks into taking them.

Pros & Strengths of Add Tabz

Over the counter nootropic for focus: Not having to get a prescription filled out from a doctor is a really nice touch for people that can’t exactly say they need such a potent RX drug. It is definitely stronger than supplements that claim to boost energy and concentration.

Safe Alternative for studying: The more powerful medications do carry heavier side effects with more room for addiction and dependence. This is an important fact for people with addictive personalities

It’s legal and cheaper price than medications: Buying the other pills without a prescription gets very expensive, illegitimate dealers charge so much, and the fact that it is illegal fuels that. Again being legal, safer and cheaper makes it a very nice option for me.

Addtabz Cons & Weaknesses

Not as strong as alternative drugs: This is a pretty obvious one I think for most people, I don’t think too many people will be so gullible as to read the marketing copy on the website and bottle and think it’s going to give them some insane life changing results as compared vs Ritalin or Adderal or other ADD drugs. This con kind of goes with the territory but definitely is worth mentioning for some.

Can’t buy in stores: They claim there are a few stores in the US that are carrying it, but you can’t find addtabz in Australian stores from what I’ve researched. Online ordering seems the only way to go for us people living in Australia right now.

Anyways I’m going to buy some addtabz maybe one or two bottles and will leave another addtabz review or update this one if possible after I have tried it more than a couple of times, hopefully the results don’t dwindle and it wasn’t just some kind of placebo effect from my buddy hyping them up.

Rating: 4.5
Addtabz 60 Pills

Reviewed by Jamie on March 20 2012

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2 Responses to Austalian’s Opinion of over the counter ‘addtabz’

  1. Bridget says:

    I recently ordered some addtabz, as being a history major requires TONS of reading in a small amount of time. They definitely do help with concentration, and give you a boost to work. My only concern is that there are no listed side-effects nor can you find any after searching online. I’m here to say that the only notable thing I experienced with addtabz was a bit of a negative mood swing when coming down from them. It’s not enough to make me stop taking them as needed, but enough to make note of at least.


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