Ingredients Addtabz Ampheta-CDP There are several active Addtabz ingredients that make the product a capable and growing alternative to attention and focus drugs and medications. The main ingredient being something they have called Ampheta-CDP.

What is Ampheta-CDP and Does it work?

An FDA approved formulation, the active ingredient Ampheta CDP from Gentech Pharmaceutical has been tested to be both safe and effective for the purpose of increasing concentration and focus while aiding in the troublesome symptoms of attention deficit and hyperactivity. It is a designer formulation and a hybrid synthetic amphetamine engineered by Gentech Pharmaceutical.

One of the best qualities of Ampheta CDP would be its comparative differences to other amphetamine based prescription medications such as Adderall. The removal of the Benzene ring in the formulation is believed to improve upon the negative addictive, down regulation, and cardiac issues found in prescription based medications of this nature and strength.

A smoother transition and onset of the medication help remove the common complaints of anxiety and ‘the jitters’ common amongst alternatives. Gentech’s Research and Development have put a lot of effort into minimizing side effects while keeping the desired effect as strong as possible.

Active Ingredient Safe with few to no side effects

Consumers and people have been taking this product for some time now, and Addtabz active ingredients have proved to be a safe, reliable and effective treatment alternative. Side effects are very mild and in for the most part nonexistent for normal and healthy adults. Like any product and those found in Addtabz ingredients it is highly recommended you consult your physician prior to consumption or ongoing usage.

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