A lot of my friends in college have been experimenting and abusing varous medications and supplements in an attempt to stay awake longer and to wake up more fully after having long nights with little sleep. College has ben overwhelming, and if you are putting yourself through and don’t have rich parents supporting you, you also need a job and social life alongside the crazy demands of such an education. I can totally understand and relate to the demand and desire to take and in some cases abuse products, supplements and prescription medications, its so unfortunate and I wish the situation was different

At first I wanted to try Adderall, or Ivy league crack as I have heard it called lately. It seems to make a bunch of students really crack down and study and stay awake like maniacs and the appeal to this narcotic is huge. I took some time to really research Adderall though and came to the logical conclusion that the health concerns, dependency and addictive qualities were simply not worth it. Thank god I still have that common sense where most people seem to just jump into things without thinking about the long term consequences.

Anyways, I opted to try some more natural and legal over the counter products. Profiderall and Addtabz were the two main ones that I had read about and ultimately I decided to buy profiderall first as even though comparing reviews on profiderall and addtabz it looked like addtabz was the stronger product, their unprofessional store and website kind of turned me off, ill probably try it next though after a so-so experience with the CVS profiderall supplement.

This product did work pretty well, especially in the first couple weeks, but I seemed to build a tolerance fast, and upping the dosage to try and get the same effects seemed to do little but produce some headaches and further tolerance. I would recommend it for mental performance but maybe don’t take it every day like I was so your body and mind don’t adjust to it so quickly.

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