I have for the life of me never been able to sit down and study for any serious amount of time. It seems within minutes I am looking around, looking for a distraction and to make things worse we now have smart phones and Facebook, things that literally beg you to stop thinking about studying and check up on what is happening in the world, the interesting world that is all around your textbook you don’t want to be reading.

I have found no solution to this, I have failed and dropped classes because of this and ran through my parents money very quickly. I thought having to pay for my own classes would change something and I would all of a sudden appreciate it more because it was coming out of my pocket but nope.

I don’t have ADHD or anything, at least I don’t think so based on the diagnostic criteria, I just simply can’t seem to train my mind to stay concentrated on something when I know there are other more enjoyable things I could be doing.

A friend gave me half a bottle of her Addtabz pills when she said she didn’t want to build up a tolerance along with a glowing personal real unbiased testimonial… I discovered that they helped me quite a bit. At first and the first week I was like a superstar, and while that faded quite a bit as I got used to and spoiled with their effects, this natural adhd alternative drug seem to really be working still for my ADHD like study behaviors.

I was shocked when I came on here to buy Addtabz online to figure out that these things weren’t cheap! I assumed I guess that since my friend gave me a half a bottle they were going to be a cheap little supplement that you could buy in stores at a great price, but that wasn’t the case. Regardless I still placed my order because addtabz seemed to be the one thing that allowed me to study without pulling my hair out. I will let ya know how it goes in another full month of using these things!

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Reviewed by Brooke Hilton on
On Jan 8 2013.
Summary: Addtabz Helped me to study with ADHD
Rating: 4.6 / 5.0

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