addtabz doesnt work It was a few months ago when my friend and I got familiar with addtabz. Familiarization with this smart drug was a bit dramatic. We met a woman at a bar and heard from her about addtabz. She was claiming that it changed her life as she got her grades up much from her previous year’s results. She was telling us how it helped her focus. She could concentrate on things that she never liked to study. She also declared that it had no real side effects, which was good considering the potent ingredients. To her it was a miraculous drug to assist her in advancing her studies. After hearing so much praise for one single drug, I and my friend decided to try it. However, we had different results. Though my friend believes he got much help from it, I can’t say it worked for me at all. So I can give it a 3.5 star rating.

My friend has a positive experience, mine is negative

Though both of us took addtabz in the same way as directed, we did not enjoy the similar experiences. My friend started to like the pills as they were helping him concentrate more. This is why he praises and recommends addtabz the way the woman at the bar did. However, it was a different case for me as I did not experience any betterment of my condition. So I cannot but say that it does not work for everyone in the same way. I have read some addtabz reviews that declare having no noteworthy effect of the drug. So there are people who haven’t found it to be quite useful for them. In fact, we can find both positive and negative reviews on addtabz. I don’t think this is a usual trait of any high quality product.

Prices and effects matter: Make a smaller purchase and try it

You may still be interested in addtabz and there’s no problem in it as long as you try it with a smaller order. You can purchase the smallest bottle first. If you turn out to be a non-responder like me, you will be able to avoid spending a large amount of money on it. Your body and mind may respond the way my friend and the lady experienced and then you can continue with addtabz. However, I don’t think you should be fully dependent on this product as its spiraling cost and higher price may put you in financial hardship in your student life.

Don’t fall for the hype: It might not be for you

I wrote this testimonial and review of ampheta-cdp to explain my belief that this ADHD medication is not for those like me who do not have much problem about attention or discipline. It may mean nothing for them though people with ADD / ADHD / Work anxiety may benefit from this stimulant. When you need to stimulate your brain to keep it balanced, you may take such a nootropic. The truth is you should not simply fall for the hype if you believe you can manage yourself without any assistance of such a stimulant. Of course, it may work for you at a level.

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