Being fairly new to the market, many people are doing there due-diligence on this product and asking “Does Addtabz Work?” While this isn’t a simple cut and dry question to answer, for the most part and for most people the answer is yes it does really work. There are several factors that go into a products effectiveness, and obviously no two people or bodies will react the same. The majority of testimonials and consumer experiences describe a positive effect though, and while you may have varying results depending on many personal factors, most people will notice a desired effect as marketed and claimed by the manufacturer.

How does it work?

The main function of Addtabz and its main active ingredient Ampheta-CDP, is its ability to enhance and aid in the deliverability and usage of norepinephrine and dopamine. This designer drug is considered to be a Nootropic (or cognitive enhancer) or a ‘Dopaminergic’…A dopaminergic is something that can actively influence the neurotransmitter dopamine or the nervous system that utilizes it. Dopamine’s effects are attributed to higher levels of attention, focus, concentration and antioxidant utilization. Nootropics in the class of Dopaminergics include reuptake inhibitors, monoamine oxidase inhibits, dopamine synthesis precursors and others.

Is Addtabz a scam?

Many people are concerned that this product is just some sort of fraud, and many people are looking to see if Addtabz scam’s desperate people out of there hard earned money. A growing number of unbiased testimonials and reviews of the product would suggest not, this isn’t a scam or fraud, and while it may not work as strongly for some as others, it is generally accepted now that most people will have a moderate to strong desired effect on the product.

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If you decide to go ahead and purchase this product, we encourage you to come back to this page and share your own experience and review the product to further help and educate future visitors and customers as to its effectiveness on a personal and non biased level.

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