I first became interested in this product when I read an advertisement for it in a school blog, it was claiming to be a safe, legal and natural alternative to Adderall. As many college students will know, there is a massive underground market and society of people selling and using Adderall and similar psychostimulant medications to stay awake late and to get tweaked out to have the ability to study and work tirelessly and meet the rather large demands of their lives. This was something that I found appealing and absolutely appalling at the same time. It makes logical sense on one hand to use any advantage or supplement you can to get more done with less and be at your absolute best, but then on the other hand you are actually long term destroying your own personal ethic, motivation, discipline and effort by using drugs as a crutch and helping hand. What happens when you don’t have the drug? You feel like you are at a loss, you are missing something, you are not at your best and you crave to be there. This is a dangerous cycle of psychological dependence that quite simply has and will continue to ruin a lot of people. No matter the lure of the drugs, I have always tried to remember this fact before getting hooked like countless others.

Ampheta-CDP seemed to provide a similar type of crutch, but with much less risk. It simply is not as strong nor chemically altering as the psychostimulant medications it attempts to mimic in function. There is less potential for abuse and dependence, but at the same time I suppose it is still going to influence your overall will power and you could become reliant on it to ‘be at your best’ a dangerous thought no matter the drug.

I did decide to try it for several weeks, just to see its effects, but promised myself I would stop and always be mindful that I could achieve the same results without it and the right efforts and willpower. Honestly with that in mind the effects were less brainwashing for me than some other addtabz reviewers. It is a stimulant first and foremost I noticed, and similar to strong coffee when you are really energetic you will tend to get more done and be more alert and zoned into the task you are accomplishing. The other ingredients are supposed to work over time to increase your natural ability to concentrate and focus, but I can’t really comment on that after only using it for 2 weeks. People considering buying this may want to consider trying strong coffee, regular exercise, proper relaxation and sleeping schedules first, to lean on anything drug or natural is a slippery slope in my opinion

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