I use addieup in the mornings and at lunch time on days where I really got a lot I want to get done. I used to take them all day every day after first discovering them, but found my body adjusting and a tolerance building up, so I took 6 months off of them and now only pop em when I really could use the benefit. The effects are really nice, and I could see people and myself really becoming accustomed and used to the mild buzz and high they offer.

When you have to tackle some mindless drone type of work, these can really help you get into gear and stay there. I have huge procrastination problems and my mind wanders super easy, and anything and I mean ANYTHING can pull my focus away from that stuff. Addieup really works helps with that, especially if I take some, put on some music, make sure Im well stretched and fed, I feel like I could do anything for any amount of time!

These are also very fairly priced according to my research and other reviews on Addie UP around the web. If you compare addieup vs addtabz, profiderall, adderx, and other similar products that are marketed as more natural and over the counter alternatives to drugs like Adderall, you see that the Addieup prices are not only just fair but beat most of the competition. A major plus for a penny pincher like myself.

I haven’t found anywhere to buy addieup in stores or locally, so online ordering is your best bet unless you happen to live near some place carrying these (where?!) I searched online to compare the lowest and cheapest prices but it looks like the main manufacturer homepage is the place selling these at the best price at any given time, so no worry about having to do thorough price comparison shopping there. The ordering process was straight forward as well, with no issues to report and actually got here a day earlier than expected and as per postal standards. Big thumbs up to the makers of the otc supplement Addieup as an energy and focus enhancement drug!

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Reviewed by Brendan Weibe on
On January 16 2013.
Summary: Cant beat it for the price, would like to try similar products
Rating: 4.7 / 5.0

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