Where to Buy Profiderall? What Stores Sell it?

My sister was absolutely in love with Profiderall and was always ranting and raving how they helped her with her night courses and to stay attentive and focused at work even on nights where she hadn’t had much sleep and was over tired.

She recently got pregnant and not wanting to take any products, even more natural over the counter ones like this, gave me the rest of her stash of this supplement. I didn’t take it right away even though I do have problems focusing most of time at work and almost had forgot about it on the shelf.

I had a pretty strict 2 week deadline come up for a business presentation that would be a determining factor if I got a promotion and I knew that I had to work really hard at it, so I started taking profiderall during the period I was working on this project and got to say that it is a very welcomed boost to productivity and mental clarity.

where to buy profiderall It’s not like it makes you turn into superman, but there is like this calmed yet energetic effect that washes over you, rather than being hyper and wanting to run around or pace like coffee and energy drinks does for me, this energy pill makes me zone in and engage my task. I have really enjoyed taking it and have been able to put in more attentive and longer hours into my presentation.

The only problem I can think of for this product is availability… I have looked all over for Profiderall; CVS, GNC, Wal-Green and Wal-Mart as another review suggested weren’t carrying it and I even had trouble finding it online.

Is this product discontinued? I have searched the net, read tons of customer testimonials and blogs and I never thought to ask my sister if the bottle she had given me when she got pregnant was old and perhaps they don’t sell this anymore. I guess I will have to try out one of the alternatives or similar products for the time being and hope that they work as well as this one.
Good luck to anyone trying these types of products, I really enjoyed it and do believe they have a fair and valuable place on the market for overall mental health and well-being as well as performance, of course as long as you don’t abuse or become dependent on them

Which Retail shops are Selling Profiderall?
Rating: 4 out of 5
Visitor: Anne Hilson on
May 3 2013

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