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This product is still fairly new to the market, and although it has continuously been growing in popularity at an increasing pace, most notably in college and university student use, it still has a lot to prove. To help visitors and shoppers coming through this website, we will be collecting consumer and customer Addtabz Reviews and ratings on this page.

If you have tried this product, click the button below and submit your own addtabz review and experience. Include a rating out of 5 stars and any relevant pros and cons. Try to be unbiased and personal so that other consumer can try and relate to your situation and get a better idea as to if the product is a good match for their own personal use. A good review should cover the strengths and weaknesses, how long you have been taking a dose, any negative side effects or unexpected experiences, if you would take it again or recommend it to a friend and if it really worked for the purposes in which you first decided to buy this product.

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 6 reviews

by Frustrated In Europe on Addtabz
$40+ WTF – Shipping too expensive to Europe

$40 for shipping?

My friend back home in California told me that he had been taking them to help study and they were working well. I am overseas in Europe doing some studying myself and was very excited to purchase some Addtabz but was shocked to see my $60 order would actually take $40 to ship to this country? Thats a little crazy. They really need to setup some kind of distributer or something over here so that the price of shipping and handling isn’t almost the same as the product itself. The website and marketing is very amateur and makes bold undeliverable promises too – if it wasn’t for my friend reassuring me they work I wouldn’t even consider them. Wake up Addtabz and make the shipping costs lower, make a professional and modern 2012 store, and make your promises and hype belivable and you’ll probably make way more money if you’re product is indeed decent.

– Frustrated in Europe 🙁

by Kevin Horsman on Addtabz
The active ingredient Ampheta CDP, got the snow ball going

Addtabz by Gentech Pharmacy is probably the second most popular Adderall Replacement product available right now after Addieup, and comparing addiup vs addtabz I would have to say I vastly prefer it compared to Addie UP except the price.

It last longer, the effects are stronger, I didn’t notice any side effects (not even a headache which I had on addieup, surprising considering the sense of extra potency) and I had no troubles ordering it online which I did when I first got my 3 bottles of the other one.

It seemed to help me be more productive in lots of ways, like house chores for example where I flew through them quickly leaving more time for more important tasks and obligations. I’ve done extremely well at work and at home and I thank ampheta CDP (the main active ingredient) for helping the momentum to get rolling and help me get in a very productive state of mind and progress. It is no miracle and caused it by itself, but I will give it credit for helping me get that ball rolling in the beginning.

by Connor Wilkinson on Addtabz
Adderall versus Addtabz – The risk isn’t worth the reward with aderall

I have never went to a doctor to get diagnosed with ADHD, but in my earlier years of college I did take a lot of Adderall to let me cram and study all night long. It was damn expensive though per pill without the legitimate prescription and the huge demand on the sellers from everyone, prices literally tripled in a year and still you couldn’t always find them when you needed them. I really did like them but I became pretty dependent on it and didn’t want to even attempt to study or stay awake without them and that’s why I just had to stop, luckily I wasn’t so far gone like some others that really become addicted and have withdrawals and such.

I read a few addtab reviews and a comparison of Addtabz, Profiderall and Addieup which all promised similar things on a student blog and decided to try it out, a bit worried about my previous love affair with Addies I will admit. These things did give a boost, but didn’t keep me up all night compared to adderall. It was alot cheaper than the illegal prices of the RX drugs and I didn’t seem to have any physical or mental addiction developing on them.

If you really needed something for a hardcore condition these probably aren’t potent enough, but weighing out and comparing the advantages and disadvantages I’d tell anyone to try Addtabs before Adderall, Ritalin, vyvanse or similar stimulant prescription drugs. The risk isn’t worth the reward long term with the stronger stuff honestly, and don’t try and trick yourself that you are stronger than the countless addicted junkies.

by Jason Anderson on Addtabz
Worked well for focus during exams

Worked well for the month I was doing exams.

Took quite a bit of this product during my last exam period. I took the normal dose for the studying weeks leading up until the tests and then started taking an extra dose as they came around the corner.

I feel like these really did help me. I haven’t always had a problem studying or focusing on my reading chapters, but for whatever reason (more work, less interesting, social obligations, etc…) I found myself really struggling in my classes. I heard about this product on a university website they were advertising and even though some people were writing them off as a gimmick in the comments, I decided to give it a shot as i don’t mind spending money if it would actually help just even a little to get me back on track and on top of stuff.

I noticed no side effects, the need for more and more because of tolerance and generally felt good on them. I will probably take these or research some similar products for similar periods of time when I could use a bit more concentration, but I think they are a little expensive and unneeded for day to day use, so it’s a good thing they are not habit forming which I’ve struggled with other products and stimulants before.

by Jenni Reilly on Addtabz
Works but not as strong as my old prescription

I took Adderall and other medications for years to help with my struggle to stay focused, especially when I needed to read lots of information that I wasn’t particularly passionate about, but I noticed the harder drugs were really starting to show some side effects on my small frame.

Withdrawal sucked and I really struggled after using it for so long to retrain my brain to concentrate on lots of things. I decided to buy addtabz after a classmate told me about them and offered me a couple sample pills to test the waters.They did kind of work and so I figured the boost would pay for itself.

I couldn’t find purchase this product in stores which was kind of weird, but the website and shipping was fast enough, I don’t know why I like buying stuff instore more.

I have took for a couple weeks and have increased my dose because i feel like I was at least having some kind of mental tolerance and getting used to them.

They are by no means as strong as other illegal options, but I was trying to get away from those powerful and addictive chemicals anyways. Its over the counter, its safe and they are effective although the hype will make you expect too much perhaps. 8 to 8.5 out 10 and Ill keep buying them until a stronger over the counter alternative is made

by John Morris on Addtabz
Works for my friend, hope I notice a strong difference

I haven’t tried this yet but just ordered some online through this site. I will give it a 3 out of 5 stars for now based on what my friend told me. That it gives him a very mild boost at work, at school and on a strategy game he plays at a very high level.

He said it was nothing insane but compared it to those times where you have some work in front of you and for whatever reason you just don’t even think of stopping or taking a break until the job is done. Maybe I shouldn’t be giving this a star rating yet but once I have been taking my order for a while I will come back and leave a follow up addtabz review here and stuff.

Hope I’m like the reviewers I’ve read that swear this product is amazing and not some of the middle of the pack ones that only notice a slight difference when on it.

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