Woot! Addieup was a great find for me, and has helped me out quite a bit in my day to day activities. It is nothing like getting high off of drugs or whatever, but just this much more subtle, lasting boost to your energy and mind levels. You really just zone and dial into whatever you are doing that little bit extra. I guess the best way to explain, as I read in a different Addieup user review, is the comparison or when you are completely lost in a book… you know when your completely immersed and oblvious to the outside world around you? Then compare that to when you are reading something half assed, you are desperately trying to follow from paragraph to paragraph but you are distracted, then you look at the page and realize you have gone through it but haven’t really been totally paying attention, almost like you have to reread it. That is the difference Addie Up energy & attention pills have made for me on a lot of boring things!

I don’t know whats so special about this formula, as I have read the active and main ingredients list and they all seem like pretty simple natural things, but something about how it all comes together makes this a potent product. Ill be ordering a couple more bottles of this.

Quick question!!! Does anyone know if there is an expiry date on these things? The last over the counter product I really liked as much as this quickly got banned and taken off the market place because a couple idiots overdosed on it (yet people continually have heart problems for massive caffience overloads) Id like to buy a big big supply in case this gets banned too, but that would suck if I got stuck with a bunch of expired and ineffective stuff. Let me know please!

Anyways, don’t want to get anyones hype meters going too strongly, so I will say that this isn’t some natural otc miracle pill – but if you are looking to be that bit more zoned in, with that less little bit distraction that can make you that much more effective and happy with what you are doing, this may make a huge difference in the quality of your life if you are like me!

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Reviewed by Edward Beint on
On January 26 2013.
Summary: Want to stock up in case goes off market
Rating: 4.59 / 5.0

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