adderall vs addtabz College students who have gone through the third year of their academic life know very well how ADHD drug or prescription stimulant abuse occurs in the campus. They frantically look for solutions to keep themselves awake for long hours so that they can cram the last minute things for their tests. They need concentration for a long time. At the same time they want to keep up with socialization and usual academic life. Some also try to fit themselves into some financial responsibilities. It is quite natural for them to fall into the captivating traps of Adderall, Ritalin, Vyvanse, Concerta, Dexedrine, Daytrana and other stimulant based drugs as these drugs promise the students more attention span with less distraction strain. With these drugs you get rid of pulling at your hair when exams come. You enjoy much control over your mental abilities and so feel independent and confident.

However, you may lead into the path of drug abuse as these drugs come with irritating side effects such as not eating and losing weight. Many students find it too late when they understand it. Trying for withdrawal becomes quite a painful experience for many of these people. You may start to look for a miraculous cure or the time machine to go back to the earlier state you were in. You may get affected in many different ways such as, mental, logical, legal and cardiovascular implications may start to control you negatively. The addictive nature of these stimulants takes control when the user has taken them haphazardly.

Addtabz and similar over the counter nootropic drugs with legal ingredients come in as a blessing in this scenario. Though these drugs can help you concentrate when you are over burdened with academic and social pressure, you do not have addictive effects on you. You will not feel as if you were a super student but you will definitely be in control of yourself. When you think of Adderall and Addtabz, you may make a comparison by thinking of cocaine and coffee respectively. While you can compare Addtabz to a natural energy provider, Adderall may be compared to manmade nutrient. In fact, these two products do not need to be compared. Consumers are already searching for an alternative to Adderall. Gentech’s is an easy to purchase, over the counterand the fact it is affordable and cheaply priced alternative when you consider a few things

It is true I’ve tried both Addtabz and Adderall but I’m willing to let either of them control my existence to gain some benefits. I should still go on with hard work, restraint and time management. However, when in need, I will not choose Adderall as it can play havoc with my brain and nervous system.

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