Xenitol Review & Buying Guide – Top Xenical Alternative

Xenitol from Nexgen Biolabs is a dietary supplement designed and marketed to be a legal over the counter alternative to Xenical and Orlistat, a medication that is available only through prescription in most parts of the world. Many people previously had success with this medication and its effectiveness were widely published although its horrible side effects and illegal without prescription nature has had many people taking to the internet and search engines looking for a legal over the counter Xenical alternative that can produce similar results. While this product is quite differently chemically and potency wise from its prescription brethren, the ingredients and proprietary blend consists of various aspects that make it effective as a carbohydrate and fat absorption blocker, which is scientifically how the prescription medication works anyway. Xenitol Ingredients: A look at the ingredient profile: Phaseo Vulgaris, Garcinia Cambogia, Gymenma Sylvestre, Cascara Sagrada, Cider Vinegar and a few others, uncovers some popular and studied active ingredients, herbs and compounds that produce weight management effects. A quick google or lookup on wikipedia will turn up studied, reviews and evidence that each of these ingredients in some way acts as according to NexgenBiolabs promise of a weight loss, carb blocking […]

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