Customer AdderRX Feedback

Alright so AdderRX from Nexgen biolabs works great but I have found that I enjoy it much more when I add it to a cup of coffee or take a bit extra. It just isn’t all that strong at the recommended dosage if you are a bigger person like I am (6’4 230lbs) so you may have to play around with the dosage to find what really works for you, hopefully you’re smaller so it’s not as expensive as a habit as mine. The product works great once it kicks in though for mental energy, concentration and focus… I use it mainly for game day and weight training (I play football and workout like a champ) and the difference that it has made is quite noticeable after a month. It’s not that it makes you faster, stronger or smarter, but that it allows you to apply all of those facets of your game in a more direct and concentrated way if that makes sense. Like you forget the outside factors and you just do whatever you are doing more intensely, more directly, more singularly, and the increased concentration and mental functioning brings out the very best in you. I love […]

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