Alright, so at first my negative addtabz review opinion. I had read many other addtabz evaluations and testimonials that said there were no side effects, and everything I read made me believe this product was very mild and safe to take. I am quite sensitive to different things, so reading these reviews and information is what made me feel comfortable to buy a multi month supply online of these over the counter pills.

The first week SUCKED on this adhd over the counter pill, the big thing was my stomach, right off the hop I had a really irritated digestive system and it persisted for 4 maybe 5 days, I lost weight, felt uncomfortable, and didn’t want to ever take these pills again. Having spent a good amount of money on them, I decided to try them again though, making sure to eat a good and easily digestible meal alongside taking the addtabz pills. The digestion and stomach side effects didn’t reappear, but this time I got some strong headaches, about 3 out of 7 nights in the second week. This really sucked, I was irritable, anxious and not happy.

Adjusted and love them:

Eventually my body adjusted to this over the counter pill and I wasn’t having any more bad or negative side effects. I started to see the effects and praise of the product I had read about in other reviews of addtabz online that influenced me to purchase them online weeks before.

I had more energy, concentration, focus and alertness for sure, which is what the product is aimed to provide. I simply got more done, with less procrastination and concentrated effort. Boring and trivial tasks flowed more gently and quickly and at the end of the day I felt proud and accomplished. My productivity has continued to rise and I have got a lot of momentum going in work and other areas of my life. I was suffering with some mild depression, perhaps seasonally, and I found that has lifted as well. I am in a way better mood and I attribute that to being that extra little bit more productive each and every day. It’s amazing what getting on a role can do for your life and I really think the addtabz pills are what helped me shift from a lazy and unproductive person into a happier one.

It really sucks that this product took so long to get going for me, the side effects were NOT fun and I almost gave up I guess you should really start off taking a very minimal dose and make sure you take it with a lot of easy on the stomach food to avoid the digestion issues I had. I don’t know what to say about the headaches and irritability; I guess that was the stimulants building in my body where I was a light caffeine drinker via soda at the most.

Good luck all! Take it slowly and hopefully you see addtabz really working for you as well. Tammy

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Reviewed by Tammy Tinsel on
On Jan 18 2013.
Summary: Negative side effects at first than worked great
Rating: 4 / 5.0

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