Rating: 4.5 of 5 for Addtabz. Reviewed by Samantha Liu on March 17 2012

I heard about ampheta-cdp and this product from a friend of mine at university. Knowing a thing or two about chemistry in these medications and adhd alternatives, my first questions were what is ampheta cdp?, is it safe and fda approved?, does ampheta-cdp work at anywhere near the safe level as a prescription formulation?, and could I buy addtabz in Canada? I ultimately did order online with shipping to Canada out of curiosity and some other recommendations and after reading some reviews and customer experiences.

I have always kind of looked down at a few of my friends that take Adderall to help with their studying I always found it a lazy replacement for poor work ethic. Unfortunately I got really sick for a few weeks with a rare virus and got really behind in EVERYTHING in my life, I got desperate and was getting really worked up and considering buying some Adderall through a friend illegally, I was so lost. I heard about this like adderall alternative online and although I was skeptical my desperation was strong enough to check it out. I didn’t really feel any of the physical side effects of people on Adderall that I had come to understand through some of my (addicted) friends. I am not sure that it is quite as strong as the prescription stuff as I have seen them in their zones, and although I was way more focused than ever I was not quite in the zombie like state that I have seen my normally overly active roommate in when I took them.

I really don’t know of any long term side effects or if it is completely safe to continue to rely on addtabz so I will be discontinuing it after these next few stressful weeks, but it seemed to do what was advertised, although not as strongly as I had read in some other addtabz reviews, but better and more cleanly than I had skeptically thought as well.


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