Took quite a bit of this product during my last exam period. I took the normal dose for the studying weeks leading up until the tests and then started taking an extra dose as they came around the corner.

I feel like these really did help me and I was glad that I purchased Addtabz before exams. I haven’t always had a problem studying or focusing on my reading chapters, but for whatever reason (more work, less interesting, social obligations, etc…) I found myself really struggling in my classes. I heard about this product on a university website they were advertising and even though some people were writing them off as a gimmick in the comments, I decided to give it a shot as i don’t mind spending money if it would actually help just even a little to get me back on track and on top of stuff.

I noticed no side effects, and other customer reports never really mention any that I read. I also didn’t notice the need for more and more because of tolerance and generally felt good on them. I will probably take these or research some similar products for similar periods of time when I could use a bit more concentration, but I think they are a little expensive and unneeded for day to day use, so it’s a good thing they are not habit forming which I’ve struggled with other focus and concentration products and stimulants before.


Extra focus during exams
Rating: 5 out of 5
Visitor: Jason Anderson on
November 3 2012

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