customer addieup feedback I have tried a couple of products and pills that are similar to addieup in the past and was actually quite excited to try this one after reading about it and looking at its ingredients to see that it is a very thorough mixture of known ingredients. I have tried really strong products in the past like the prescription medication Vyvanse and really enjoyed its benefits to mental functioning and my ability to work harder, but dont want the negative side effects and problems that come with those drugs. Most of the more natural and over the counter products I had tried in the past like Profiderall or Addtabz or AdderRX seemed to have 3-4 ingredients with stimulant aid and some nootropic like substances. This product actually had 8 well documented and researched ingredients for cognitive health all in one blend and was cheaper than some of the other products on the market to boot.

I did, like I did with the other products, note quite an improvement in mental energy, alertness if you will, alongside more desire and concentration to finish my work and chores. One of the side effects I wasn’t counting on however that was a nice surprise was weight loss with addieup & appetite suppression.

I’m not sure which of the ingredients is causing the weight loss or fat burning specifically, but I didn’t have it with the other products and I was actually really happy. I am slightly overweight so perhaps that has to do with the fact that it was significant, but still why not with the other related products then when I was even chubbier?

I’m going to up my dosage soon and will report back if this was just a fluke, but the appetite suppression with Addieup and overall fat loss has been noticeable even at the regular dose. I will report back any results and my experience and review of taking an extra dose throughout the day including any negative side effects.

Noticed Energy, Appetite Suppresion, Weight Loss
Rating: 4.5 out of 5
Visitor: Shelby Bell on
March 3 2013

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One Response to Addieup & Weight Loss

  1. Laura A says:

    Anything good or bad to report since your last post? I’m looking for something to help with attention/focus and something to help with weight loss.


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