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does it really work
After hearing about Nootropics and their abilities to help with bringing out the best in your life and work, I purchased Addtabz online. I heard about these products from the Joe Rogan Experience podcast and instantly I knew that I was going to have to try the various Nootropic supplements on the market and after doing some research, comparing the products and reading lots of reviews of addtabz and similar products, I decided to buy some online (not available in stores from what I’ve read). I have previously tried the big name prescription strength drugs like Adderall and Vyvance, but really wanted a legal and otc option. It is expensive as heck to find those without an actual legit prescription and obviously the legal issues and possible negative side effects long term make it kind of stupid to not consider a safer and more natural substitute for Vyvanse / Adderall and the rest of the ADHD meds.

It was a great choice but I do have my complaints (I’m a half empty glass kind of guy when it comes to spending money) The product started off STRONG and I was mentally focused and flying through my daily stuff like never before, I really was getting much more done than usual and fell in LOVE with that feeling. Alertness, energy, attention span, concentration, memory span all seemed to rise a bit. More money, more results, less time spent = amazing.

But slowly over a couple weeks I built up a tolerance and the effects weren’t as strong. Now a month in I’m taking twice as much as originally to get the speedy productive feeling I fell in love with. This wouldn’t be so bad if the product was cheaper but unfortunately Gentech knows they can charge quite a bit for a supplement like this (I wonder how much to make your own from bulk ingredients? Hmm)

So if you are a cheap bastard like me expect to be frustrated with the rising cost. Besides that it does really work for giving you more mental performance, or at least in my case. Now it’s time to go see if I can find the ingredients and try and make my own for a cheaper price!!

Tolerance and dosage adjustment noticed
Rating: 4 out of 5
Visitor: Kelby Windsor on
May 5 2013

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