I have never went to a doctor to get diagnosed with ADHD, but in my earlier years of college I did take a lot of Adderall to let me cram and study all night long. It was damn expensive though per pill without the legitimate prescription and the huge demand on the sellers from everyone, prices literally tripled in a year and still you couldn’t always find them when you needed them. I really did like them but I became pretty dependent on it and didn’t want to even attempt to study or stay awake without them and that’s why I just had to stop, luckily I wasn’t so far gone like some others that really become addicted and have withdrawals and such.

I read a few addtab reviews and a comparison of Addtabz, Profiderall and Addieup which all promised similar things on a student blog and decided to try it out, a bit worried about my previous love affair with Addies I will admit. I bought Addtabz online and these things did give a boost, but didn’t keep me up all night compared to adderall. It was alot cheaper than the illegal prices of the RX drugs and I didn’t seem to have any physical or mental addiction developing on them.

If you really needed something for a hardcore condition or as an Adderall Replacement these probably aren’t potent enough, but weighing out and comparing the advantages and disadvantages I’d tell anyone to try Addtabz before Adderall, Ritalin, vyvanse or similar stimulant prescription drugs. The risk isn’t worth the reward long term with the stronger stuff honestly, and don’t try and trick yourself that you are stronger than the countless addicted junkies.

From http://www.addtabzreviews.net/consumer-customer-reviews/

Adderall versus Addtabz – The risk isn’t worth the reward with aderall
Rating: 5 out of 5
Visitor: Connor Wilkinson
November 5 2012

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