Hey just though I would leave this add tabz review for you all because I think it is pretty interesting Ritalin and ADD alternative. I bought half a bottle of addtabz pills off of a friend. He had been given a free sample from someone and didn’t really want them. He said he took one each day for a week just to see what they were like, and that they provided very little benefit to him. I on the other hand have responded quite positively and I really don’t think it is some kind of placebo thing, I mean I have taking Ritalin, adderall, and many other prescription drugs over the years for my condition and these pills are nowhere near as strong as them, I don’t think any over the counter drug could be, but there is enough there to make them worth the $1-2 a day price tag.

Perhaps this means that people that don’t already have focus or adhd like problems won’t be as receptive. I have a really hard time focusing on anything besides video games for much more than 20 minutes, but with addtabs it definitely seems like I have a more zoned in look at most of my other daily chores and activities, again very contradictory to my friend whom gave them saying to me. Hopefully if you’re reading this thinking whether to buy an adderall substitute or not that you won’t also be a non-responder.

I have only really been taking these the last 4 days, so I may not be the most comprehensive writer out there, but I thought this was a unique point for others to consider. I also was wondering if anyone could tell me a bit more about what kind of dose I could potentially take? Would taking extra be safe? Would there be bad side effects? I have some really important studying in the upcoming week along with a hectic schedule and it sure would be nice to take some extra pills. I can’t really find any information in other addtabz reviews or online so maybe I will just air on the side of safety and caution before taking extra. Does anyone else know of any other otc drugs like Adderall or Ritalin? Finding out about this product has made me curious to explore the possibilities more now.

If anyone could help, it would be appreciated! Hopefully you respond as well to this Adderall alternative as well as I did and not like my friend.

Thanks to any potential help,

Not the same for everyone. I like it though
Rating: 4.25 out of 5 by Kimberly T. on March 26 2012 span class=”value-title” title=”2012-03-26″>
Addtabz Adderall Alternative

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