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Everything you need to know about this over the counter Adderall Alternative and study focus drug. Main ingredients, does addtabz really work, customer review ratings, where to find it in stores and much more to help you better understand this OTC non-prescription pill.

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With so many crap and BS websites out there just trying to make a commission off selling you Addtabz with bogus and downright garbage information, we decided to gather some real results and information for potential customers. We hope to answer your concerns and questions with integrity and honesty and help you decide if this is a good product for you, or if your money is better spent elsewhere. Thank you for visiting and please feel free to contact us for anything related to this product or website!

About These Over The Counter Pills

Gentech created their over the counter ‘study and mental performance’ drug with today’s society in mind. We are in an age where performance and focus are paramount and Gentech Laboratories set out to make a safe, legal and effective otc supplement that would help boost cognitive function in our ever stressful lives. Memory, attention span, focus and other mental performance aspects aren’t just desired into today’s education and work places, they are required.

Through a proprietary formula Gentech calls Ampheta CDP, they have combined various proven and research ingredients to make Ampheta a true contender in the trending nootropic and ‘smart drug’ supplement industry.

To help you better understand this product, its pros and cons, we have created the following article to answer some of the most popular questions and concerns visitors and shoppers are asking when it comes to this new and exciting dietary supplement.

Do Addtabz work or is it a scam?

So right off the hop the obvious question here is, do addtabz actually work as promised and advertised? They claim they can provide instantaneous and long lasting benefits to various mental functions and that is quite the promise to make potential customers. You would be a foolish consumer to not wondering if addtabz is a scam supplement like so many others before. Huge promises, huge price tags and little in the way in end user value.

Through our research and personal trials we can say that yes Ampheta CDP and Ampheta HCL do actually really work. It’s vital here though that you don’t jump in thinking you are going to turn into Bradley Cooper from limitless. Every product has its strengths and weaknesses and this one is no exception. We have gathered various testimonials and reports from users that have tried various similar otc products such as profiderall, adderrx, Doxiderol, addieup and the like and the majority of people seem to prefer and recommend addtabz is the strongest as the bunch. Have realistic expectations and stick to it while your body adjusts to the potent active ingredients and you should see great results with this product like many other customers.

Side Effects

Every strong product and especially central nervous system stimulant based products carry the risk of some common side effects. While we personally did not experience any negative problems while trying a sample of the product, we did find mention of some slight issues from other consumers leaving their feedback around the web.

A few users reported headaches, something which I would assume stems from the strong stimulant main ingredients. Many people are sensitive to this type of ingredient and their bodies require time to adjust. Other stimulant related adverse or side effects I noted in user testimonials were dry mouth, increased heartbeat, insomnia and nervousness / anxiety. Again this is something people would experience with an overly strong cup of coffee as well and doesn’t seem to be the norm.

Please report any adverse problems or negative / bad side effects to us to better inform our visitors.

Is it Safe?

We don’t want to go ahead and tell you this product is safe, as we do not know your medical history. We are unaware of any problems or safety / health issued cause by it at this time, but if you have any underlying health conditions or sensitive to some of the strong ingredients, we recommend checking with a qualified professional. Heart conditions, blood pressure problems and sensitivity to stimulants could be of concerned to unhealthy individuals taking this powerful over the counter supplement.

Is it legal?

Yes. The FDA recognizes this product and its proprietary formula Ampheta CDP and ingredients as a dietary and nutritional supplement. The ingredients are known and research to be safe, effective and legal for sale over the counter without a prescription. For importation and customs laws regarding this product, you would be advised to check with your countries individual policies, as even though we are unaware of any legal problems or import/export problems, you never know.

Main Ingredients

Addtabz ingredients are a combination of proven and scientifically looked at substances that each play their own part in the cognitive functioning matrix. They label their product under dietary supplement legality as a proprietary formula and thus finding the exact ingredients and quantities can be difficult. They probably do this to discourage overzealous consumers from trying to concoct their own version using the various ingredients, which could be dangerous.

The active Ampheta cdp ingredients are a combination combined strategically to feed off and compliment the various benefits of each other. Central nervous system stimulators, neurotransmitter influencers and other nootropic like ingredients blend together to bring the products potency.

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

Finding other people to relate to is a great way to understand what a pill can offer you. Honest, in depth and unbiased testimonials may be a bit rarer with so many jerk marketers trying to quickly make a sale off your desperation, but there are real and comprehensive addtabz reviews online to help you make a more informed purchasing decision as well as help you understand its general short comings and positives in an honest manner. Stay tuned, we will try to collect as many opinions and consumer reports as possible on this site and encourage you to help grow and serve our community by leaving your own Addtabz feedback if you have tried this supplement already.

Weight Loss & Appetite Suppression

One side effect I noted while trying this product and from reading and hearing many addtabz stories from other consumers, was that it caused a noticeable amount of weight loss and appetite suppression. People education in CNS stimulants and the various other substances in its ingredient profile will understand why. Essentially you are revving up your metabolism and bodies functions taking this product on top of the simpler mental performances boosters. The increased focus and concentration will also lead to more effort and productivity increasing calorie burn.

Adderall compared vs Addtabz

Many people are confused by the promises and hype of the product as an over the counter Adderall alternative for 2014. This probably started in the education system and workplace where many people have been abusing and using performance enhancing psychostimulant medications and narcotic grade drugs such as Adderall, Adderall XR, Ritalin and Vyvanse. These medications are incredibly potent and potential dangerous and as such is why they are illegal and controlled substances.

Addtabz compares to Adderall in the fact that it improves various mental and physical functions that Adderall and ADHD medications also do. Focus, concentration, memory, mental energy, mood and other physical effects are noted, yet in a much cleaner and safer way then the narcotics with Gentech’s Ampheta CDP formula.

Where To Purchase it Online?

The company conveniently offers an online store available to the general public where the sell addtabz at manufacturers pricing. You would be hard pressed to find a cheaper price tag than from buying addtabz online at the official store and I have yet to come across a retailer beating their prices. We will include a link below to the official shop of Gentech Pharmaceuticals for your convenience if you are looking to order some today. Buying direct like this also ensures the highest quality product and service, while getting the very freshest (ingredients deteriorate over time and local and retail stores may carry stock for a longer time) bottles out of production to ensure the best possible product.

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Gentech is currently offering holiday sales and discount promotions on their products. Supplies are limited so be sure to check out the discounted link below if you have been thinking about trying them for a while or stocking up.

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Which Stores sell Addtabz?

I have received quite a few questions asking about where you can purchase this pill in store, that is, a physical location in their city. As mentioned above I would recommend the official online website for the product for ordering because of the various benefits mentioned above (and I have verified it as both secure and with good customer service through my personal order and annoying test of a service representative at the company lol)

I am unaware of any physical stores currently selling Addtabz on site, but this will surely change. Talking to a professional in the industry he suggest that the regular time for a brand name and new cognitive adhd supplement product to reach stores is upcoming. Expect it to be available in large US cities first at locations like:

  • Addtabz at CVS – One of the country’s largest pharmacy chains by far, expect to see addtabz in cvs before most others. They are a great company working out bulk deals with manufacturers to save you money in the long run.

  • Addtabz at GNC – One of the most recognizable brands in the supplement industry, you should see this supplement in GNC eventually alongside their various big brand name products in the brain and mental performance products

  • Addtabz at Walmart – Who doesn’t know Walmart? Depending on how quickly this product continues to rise, you may want to look for it at your local Walmart pharmacy in the near future

  • Addtabz at Walgreens – The largest drug chain in the country, with over 8300 spanning the 50 states, you should see Addtabz in Walgreens stores before some of the other lessor known chains as it continues to make waves and be a hot and trending supplement

  • Addtabz at Rite Aid – The 3rd largest drugstore chain in the US behind cvs and walgreens, you should see Rite Aid stores selling Addtabz in the near future as well with its massive selection and dedication to bringing the hottest and most influential products to consumers early
  • Note: Addtabz at Amazon – Quite a few people have been asking about Addtabz at, at quick glance this looks like some third party sellers using the amazon marketplace. You do get some customer service through, but honestly my experience and the lower prices at the official Gentech online store would make me recommend that first (link below)
  • Phentabz vs Addtabz

    The company also has another popular over the counter pill by the name of phentabz, and we have had a few people ask which is better and what are the differences when you compare phentabz vs addtabz. Phentabz is a little bit similar in nature, however it is gauged and designed more as a fat loss and weight loss pill that is supposed to be an alternative to Phentermine medication. Addtabz on the other hand has specific formulation to provide the mental health and function benefits mentioned above and be an over the counter safe and legal alternative to adhd medications such as dextroamphetamine, Adderall, Ritalin and others.

    Profiderall vs Addtabz

    Profiderall cognitive energy enhancer is a similar product that I suppose you could group in the same class as Gentech’s supplement. Many people have been looking for the differences when you compare profiderall vs addtabz through Google and our site. Profiderall has a bit of a fame and brand advantage due to it being available in walgreens, cvs, rite aid and other physical retailers across the country. Compared versus profiderall has mentions of being a much strong and potent product, although it is newer to the market and its stronger ingredients has led to it not being as widely advertised in store.

    Best Prices To Purchase Today

    I have set up a web robot that scours all the internet’s largest pricing, coupon, discount and deal sites as well as to search for new prices and offers for this product. The link below automatically updates to channel clickers to today’s best known and lowest prices option for ordering addtabz right now. So check back regularly and make sure you are always getting the best deal:

    Special Holiday Sale on Today! (Discount Link Below)

    Gentech is currently offering holiday sales and discount promotions on their products. Supplies are limited so be sure to check out the discounted link below if you have been thinking about trying them for a while or stocking up.

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