addtabz where to buyA lot of visitors having been searching for and asking: Where do you buy Addtabz exactly? (Check out the official store online here for ordering) Is it available in stores and online? Does it ship to Canada, Australia, Europe, the UK and other popular countries? To help those visitors we put together this simple little guide to help you find and make sure you are buying Addtabz from a legitimate store and source. While the company says that there a few stores you can purchase from in person, the list of stores and locations carrying the product is very slim, meaning the best way is to buy direct from the manufacturer (also the cheapest and a sure fire way to get the cheapest, lowest and best prices available:

How to Purchase Online: Gentech Pharmaceutical Store

For those looking for where to purchase addtabz, we highly recommend the official Gentech store here for people. There web store has all the latest in security and privacy measures with several different payment and shipping options to suit consumers of all types.

Payment Options: Ordering online is easy, with secure credit card processing that allows for payment by Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express credit cards. People with a Google account can also sign in to pay through Google Wallet.

Free shipping on orders of 4 bottles: For shoppers in the USA and several other countries, you can qualify for free shipping by increasing you order size to 4 bottles.

Lowest and Best Prices: Purchase options begin at a trial bottle of 20 pills for $49.95, although you get 3x (60 pills) for only $30 more so unless you are very desperate it is recommended to get the 60 pill bottle as it is a MUCH better deal. Savings and discounts go from there, you save an additional $9 when you purchase a second bottle, $24 off when you purchase a 3rd, and $47 in price savings plus free shipping when you order 4 or more bottles at a time.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Below are some of the frequently asked by people looking for Addtabz & Where to buy it:

  • Where to buy in Canada – No physical retail stores in Canada are carrying the product to our knowledge, but Canadian shoppers can use the official store (link at bottom of this page) to order. Shipping and handling to all provinces is available, and usually is shipped in 2-4 business days via DHL International.
  • How to buy in Australia – Again Australian consumers will have a very hard time finding a retail location carrying the product, but customer’s from Australia and its regions can use the online store. Payment by Visa and mastercard is accepted and will ship via DHL international which is quite quick to Australia.
  • Where to buy Add Tabz in UK – People in the United Kingdom have been looking for the product in-stores, but it is very hard to find according to reports. Once again please check out the official Gentech Store where you can Buy from the UK. International shipping to the UK and its regions is handle by DHL for fast and secure delivery.
  • What Countries does it ship too? – Gentech will sell and ship to a vast majority of countries and regions, with a list of available ones being found on the shipping and billing address input of the store front. Note that some countries will have different rules, regulations and processes for shipping of products, so check with your own countries laws and regulations before placing an order for more accurate information. The list of countries found on the official store checkout include:

If you have any questions regarding how to order and purchase this product or locating the cheapest, best and lowest pricing available, please do not hesitate to contact us or leave your question with us using the form below!

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  1. Dawn Jacobs says:

    I’m in northern NJ. What local store or pharmacy can I buy addieup or addtabz! I would like to try it, before ordering online!


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